Google offers a wide range of free tools that you can use to help you improve your website and SEO. Thanks to Chris Grice and Karen Grice from Tree Frog Digital for the very informative Chester Marketing Club September event about the Google Toolbox. You can now find Chris Grice’s new Digital Marketing Podcast called “No BS SEO Show” which is available on Spotify and many other Podcast sites. Visit their Social Media for more information!

The first tool we are going to look at is Google Trends and how you can use it to increase your website visitors and social media followers:

Google Trends is a great free tool available to anyone which enables you to see what is trending at the moment in Search, You can also use Google Trends to see how popular a specific topic is and see how many people are actually searching that topic or related topics, phrases, and keywords. It’s a great tool to use if you are looking to see what currently is trending in your industry so that you can post content about that topic on Social Media or even create a blog post on that trending topic! Also, make sure that your country is selected in the top right-hand corner as the United States is the default country on Google Trends.

Google Trends is available here

The second tool we are going to look at is Google Optimise and how it can help you to improve your website:

Google Optimise enables you to complete Free A B testing which enables you to test what appeals more to your website audience and you can test for example two images to see which engages your audience more! Visit the website (link below) to find out more about Google Optimise!

Google Optimise is available here

The third tool we are going to look at is Adwords Keyword Planner and how it can help you improve your rankings in search results:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool that enables you to see how much the lowest and highest amount a website is bidding on a keyword on Google Ads. The tool is great if you are looking to create Google Ads. If you are not using Google Ads I would recommend Google Trends (above) as it shows you what is more popular.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is available here

The Fourth tools we are going to look at is the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and Google Mobile Speed Test and how it can help you with your rankings in search results:

Google Mobile-Friendly Test enables you to see how good your Mobile version of your website is. Just a little note: Google checks your mobile website version before it looks at your Desktop website version, therefore, its important to have a good Mobile website. The Google Mobile Speed test checks the speed of your Mobile website and gives you improvements so that you can improve your website and gives you more insight into your mobile website.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test is available here

Google Mobile Speed Test is available here

The last but not least Google tool we are going to look at is PageSpeed Insights:

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool enables you to test the speed of your Desktop version of your website and enables you to see what you need to improve to make your website quicker.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is available here

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