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What are Google Core Web Vitals?

Google’s Core Web Vitals; the next Algorithm update will come out in May, but how will this affect your websites search engine optimisation (SEO) and how can you make sure that your website won’t be affected by the Google Algorithm update?

Google’s update will fully bring page experience for users into ranking factors for websites. Google states that “Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.”

Within Google’s toolbox, there is a wide range of tools. One tool is Google Page Speed Insights which can help you to check your websites current Core Web Vitals which can help you to see where you can improve on your websites user experience and page speed.

Another platform which will also be useful for update will be Google’s Search Console tool which enables you to see your Web Vitals report which shows you how well your website pages perform based on real-world usage data (Core Web vitals report)

Core Web Vitals Values
Source: Google Web Vitals Website

What does each section of the Core Web Vitals measurement mean?

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – A measure of performance, which looks at how long the website takes to show the last/largest piece of content on the website

First Input Delay (FID) – A measurement of how long the website takes from the user to click on the website and how long it takes for the first piece of content to load on the website

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – A metric which measures the shift of layout of the website after 500ms of the user opening the website

How Do I Improve my website for the update?

This section will explore how to improve your Core Web Vitals and will look at specifically each section of the Core Web Vitals update and show you how to improve your website. This will help you to help your website to follow the update so that you are not penalised on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages):

WordPress Tools

The best plugin to speed up your website we have found is WP Rocket (Paid for Plugin) which is a fantastic plugin when setup correctly. The plugin increases your websites performance and speed which will help with the Core Web Vitals.

Another plugin we have used is WP Fastest Cache and Autoptimize which are great free plugins which will help with website speed and performance.

Find out more about the Core Web Vitals Google Update:

Target Internet Podcast about Core Web Vitals – https://www.targetinternet.com/digital-marketing-podcast-episode-240-core-web-vitals-page-experience/

Google Web Vitals Website: https://web.dev/vitals/

Core Web Vitals Report: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9205520?hl=en

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